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Realtor® Nate Lockey


Nate Lockey joins the Brolly Group as an experienced Realtor® with a playbook full of education, smart moves, and great guidance guaranteed to help reach your next real estate goal. With insider perspective as to the best areas to invest in the local Brantford, Brant County, and surrounding areas - Nate is exactly who you want on your team for your upcoming real estate transaction. 

Introducing Nate.


Living in the Brantford area my whole life, I have been active in the community through different jobs and sports.  My favourite time is spent with my family and friends.  I’m a personable young man that treats people the way they want to be treated; with respect and honesty.  Being an avid golfer, and lover of all sports, has blessed me with the ability to connect with and meet many fantastic people over the years.


 I plan to continue expanding my network and I look forward to many successful growing relationships.  This upcoming time in my career has me very excited.  


I am driven to be the best I can be for you each and everyday.

Praise for Nate Lockey


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